Adharsheela Global School

Parent Teacher Meeting

- Periodic meetings of parents with teachers are arranged by the Principal in order to ensure coordination in the process of the children’s education. Parents are requested to make good use of this opportunity for building mutual understanding between the parents and teachers with regard to the holistic development of their wards. The parents are requested to bring their Ward/wards in proper school uniform during the P.T.M. Kindly carry the parent ID card on PTM day Remarks written by the teachers on the PTM Registers must be read and duly signed by the parents.

- Regular absence of parents from PTMs will be seriously viewed.

- Parents are expected to pay attention to the instructions sent through the diary, SMS and circulars, and come to school whenever required. On P.T.M days the Principal will not be available for meetings with parents. P.T.M Timings: 8:00 am to 10:30 am

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